About: Dr. Shannon Pennifold

Dr. Shannon Pennifold | B.Sc., O.D.

Dr. Shannon Pennifold

Dr. Pennifold completed her Bachelor of Science in Immunology and Infection from the University of Alberta and her Doctor of Optometry degree from the University of Waterloo. She was born in Edmonton, raised in Red Deer, and was happy to return to Edmonton after graduation from optometry school.

While in her final year of optometry school, Dr. Pennifold was involved with research on the link between binocular vision problems and learning difficulties of school-aged children, and presented the early results at the COVD’s Annual Meeting in 2012. She continues to have a passion and special interest in this area. Her post-graduation studies have included numerous courses in behavioural and developmental optometry and is pursuing further professional development in the areas of post-concussion rehabilitation and syntonics. 

Dr. Pennifold has participated in volunteer eye care in Ecuador and Peru, through VOSH and OneSight, and hopes to participate in more eye care mission opportunities in the future. She has also volunteered for the Special Olympics, screening athletes for vision problems. 

Although Dr. Pennifold has a special interest in Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation, she really enjoys all aspects of primary care, family vision care, emergent eyecare, and ocular health diagnosis and management. The diversity is what makes optometry such a great profession!

In her spare time, you will probably find her on a volleyball court, exercising with her Australian Labradoodle named Mikli, golfing, traveling, scuba diving, and skiing.


  • University of Alberta: Bachelor of Science, Specialization in Immunology & Infection, 2009
  • University of Waterloo: Doctorate of Optometry, 2013
  • Externships:
    • OMNI Eye Specialists, Baltimore, MD: experience in diagnosing and managing ocular disease, including glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, and emergent cases.
    • Vision Therapy Calgary: gained experience in developmental optometry and providing vision therapy in a primary care setting.

Continuing Education Courses

  • Optometric Extension Program (OEP): 
    • 4 part Clinical Curriculum program on behavioural optometry and vision therapy, completed in 2017
      • The Art & Science of Optometric Care
      • Vision Therapy / Visual Dysfunctions
      • Vision Therapy / Learning Related Vision Problems
      • Vision Therapy / Strabismus and Amblyopia
    • Regional Clinical Seminar:
      • Infant & Toddler Vision Development, Examination, and Management
  • College of Optometrists Vision Development (COVD) Applied Concepts Courses:
    • Basics of Vision Therapy
  • Other:
    • Visual Performance Evaluation for Sports
    • Optimizing Visual Performance for Sports

Optometry Memberships

  • Regulated Member of the Alberta College of Optometrists (ACO)
    • Competence Committee Member
  • Member of the Alberta Association of Optometrists (AAO)
    • Vision Development and Rehabilitation Committee Member
  • Member of the Canadian Association of Optometrists (CAO)
  • Associate Member of the College of Vision Development (COVD)
  • Member of the Canadian Optometrists in Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation (COVT&R)
  • Member of the Optometric Extension Program (OEP)

International volunteer eye care missions
Hours in Vision Therapy Curriculum Courses
Memberships in Professional Optometry Groups

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