About: JRVC Staff

Specialized care and attention

No two eyes are the same, and the same goes for customer care at JRVC. Specialized, reliable, modern eye care and attention to vision improvement are core values JRVC operates by, standing apart from large eye corporations. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff are here to guide you and help you with all your eye care needs.


Optometric Assistant

Tammi joins the JRVC team with over 25 years of experience in the optometric field, with an exceptional range of knowledge and skills. She initially received her education and training in Victoria, B.C. She eventually made her way east to the beautiful skies of Alberta and has lived in the Edmonton area for 16 years. Her vast experience has included all aspects of optometric services but her foremost interest will always be patient care and quality products.

Tammi’s spare time is usually spent with her wonderful family and friends. She loves gardening, books and coffee. Lots of coffee! She also spends time in the gym, although love is too strong a word for this hobby.

We are so thrilled to have Tammi joining the JRVC team and hope you’ll share in her love for glasses and tap into her knowledge about our best quality products!


Vision Therapist

Nichole has lived in Leduc for the past 11 years and this is where she started her 10 year optometric career. Nichole has worked as both an optometric assistant and ophthalmic dispenser.  In 2016 Nichole started working with Dr. Pennifold as a vision therapist. She found great enjoyment in helping patients achieve their visual goals through providing proper eyewear and assisting in creating a visual rehabilitative program for their specific needs. She is excited to continue to further her career as a vision therapist and looks forward to helping each patient that comes to the clinic with exceptional care!

Nichole is a mother of two beautiful girls and wife to her husband, David. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing board games and attending festivals around the city.


Therapy Dog

Mikli is a Labradoodle bred with kindness. He has worked hard in many training courses completing his Therapy dog certification. Mikli likes to comfort people of all ages when they are feeling a bit anxious about their eye exam or vision therapy training. His curly ginger locks are hypoallergenic and he doesn’t shed.

Mikli enjoys catching balls, playing with balls, and swimming for balls. Also, he may ask you to throw a ball. Mikli also enjoys playing outside in the summer, going paddleboarding and chasing squirrels out at his cabin. He knows many tricks like roll-over, high five, wave and many more.

*Please note if you do not like dogs, have sensitivities or are nervous around dogs, please alert our staff before you arrive at our office and we can easily accomodate a dog-free environment.

Comprehensive and professional family optometry services, with a focus on your best vision and our best care!