At Jagare Ridge Vision Care, we provide a large range of complete vision services provided by our Doctor of Optometry and staff, including comprehensive eye examinations, medically necessary or emergent eye examinations, functional vision assessments, contact lens teachings and fittings, dispensing of glasses and sunglasses, and vision therapy, vision training, and vision rehabilitation.

Comprehensive, modern and accessible eye care.

Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Comprehensive eye examinations are recommended for all ages, annually, even if there are no eyesight concerns. This includes ocular health examinations which are critical in detecting and treating asymptomatic eye disease, to preserve eyesight longterm. 

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Pediatric Comprehensive Eye Examinations

First comprehensive eye examinations are recommended at 6 months of age, where the optometrist is evaluating your baby for any signs of ocular health issues, proper vision development, and any significant eye sight problems. Children of any age can receive eye examinations!

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Medically Necessary / Emergency Eye Examinations

We provide medically necessary or emergency eye examinations for all ages. These appointments are fully covered by Alberta Health Care and can usually be seen same day, or within a reasonable time frame.

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Dilated Fundus Examination (DFE)

A dilated fundus examination involves inserting a pharmacologic drop into your eyes to enlarge your pupils. This allows the doctor to examine the health of the inside and back of your eye in a more comprehensive manner, and can be very important in detecting asymptomatic eye disease. 

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Contact Lens Fittings / Teachings

Contact lenses are a specialty medical device that needs to be chosen and fitted specifically for your eye shape and prescription by an optometrist. Contact lens fittings are performed by our optometrists and the insertion and removal teachings are performed by our optometric assistants.

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Functional Vision Assessments

Dr. Pennifold has a special interest and extra post-graduate education in performing Functional Vision Assessments for patients of all ages. These assessments involve more in-depth testing regarding the way the eyes move, track, fixate, focus, and work as a team, and how the brain processes and interprets what it sees (perception). 

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Specialized Testing

Specialized Testing: Visual Fields

This is a full test of your peripheral vision. It involves placing your head in a bowl-like instrument that demonstrates pinpoint light targets in your peripheral for you to detect and respond to with a clicker button. It is usually done to assess the integrity of the retina, the optic nerve, and the visual pathway.

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Specialized Testing: OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography)

This is a relatively new technology used in optometry that allows us to examine the cellular layers of the retina (tissue of the back of the eye) and visualize them in extremely high detail. This helps the doctor to understand the health of the tissues inside your eye and document it for progression awareness.

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