JRVC Vision Therapy Program

Functional vision assessment

A functional vision assessment is required to determine eligibility for a Vision Therapy program at Jagare Ridge Vision Care & Development. After Dr. Pennifold performs a Functional Vision Assessment for you or your child, she will decide on eligibility and provide recommendations regarding the length expected for the program.

In-office training sessions

Our Vision Therapy program requires weekly in-office training sessions, led by a trained vision therapist and at the direction of Dr. Pennifold, accompanied by practice sessions at-home for at least 5 days a week, 20-30 minutes long. Other arrangements may be made if this is not a suitable option for the individual.

Consistency is crucial to the success of the vision therapy programs and the level of success of the program and length of treatment is affected by the commitment to the at-home sessions. As these services are very specialized, the length of time set aside per in-office appointment is 30-45 minutes.

Progress Evaluations

Progress evaluations with Dr. Pennifold are held after each 8-session blocks, where goals will be revisited to redirect the program as needed. These progress evaluations are not complete assessments, but will address testing geared towards specific goals for each block. Patients can expect to go through anywhere from two to six (or more) 8-week blocks, as it is very patient specific.